Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GW - Constitution Concordance card

The New York Times article by Samuel G. Freedman on 6 November a.d. 2010 described the "Constitution Codesheet", or "Constitution Study Guide" folded on the inside of the GW Greeting Card as "a sort of concordance to the Preamble, connecting its language of justice, liberty, defense, tranquillity, and so on to verses in the Bible."  It is a fine article, I encourage folks to read it...

A "GW" Greeting Card can serve as a Christmas Card, or a Thank You Card, or a Note Card along with your Business Card to say, "Nice to meet you", or "Good to see you again".

The GW Constitution Concordance was first created by J. R. "States" Manship in a.d. 1993, and finally printed in a quantity of 10,000 in a.d. 2009.  In two years, now over 50,000 have been printed and distributed to the Boy Scouts at the Centennial Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill, to the crowd at the Bill of Rights Celebration Banquet in Pennsylvania. with a copy for every member of the Pennsylvania legislature, to the Rolling Thunder bikers at Memorial Day Rally at the Pentagon, to Citizens at the Washington Independence Day Parade, to judges interviewed for re-election by the Virginia General Assembly, to students at BoysTown in Nebraska, to staff and students at Bellevue University, and to military members at Strategic Command, as well as to Citizens at many other venues.  

The dream is to print and share millions and millions, for each provides a unique and profound insight into "God's Words, the concept of Godly government, are woven into the warp and woof of the fabric of our nation and this Constitution.  It's rightly called the 'Miracle in Philadelphia' ", as the New York Times writer quoted "States" Manship as saying over the telephone from his home in Mount Vernon.

Below the GW Card is provided as two image files that you can "for free" download and print out on your color printer, to print front and back of one sheet, and then folded into the GW Greeting Card...
-- OR --
You can buy them for a George Washington Quarter per card, pre-printed and pre-folded, in one pack of 40 cards for $10, or 3 packs, 40 cards each, 120 cards total for $25, and in so doing support the ministry of God and Country Foundation and Constitution College. And you may find each pre-printed card is less expensive than printing them yourself, given the cost of ink from ink cartridges. 

There is a PayPal account for God and Country Foundation, and I will try to remember how all that tech stuff is done, then come back to set up a link for folks convenience.  In the meantime, please mail your purchase amount to GW Constitution Concordance Cards, God and Country Foundation, Box 76, Mount Vernon, Virginia 22121.  Thank you very much.

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