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Revolutionary Times and Talk in Revolutionary Botetourt County Virginia

Below are the words of "Washington" at a "class on this Constitution" for a gathering of Revolutionary folks in the Revolutionary Botetourt County, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia...

Well, well, well.
So I have been introduced as President George W.

And as you might be able to tell from the way I am dressed,
I am not THAT President George W.
The one of whom you might have been thinking…

And the George W. you think you see
is known for chopping down the cherry tree,
and saying to his perturbed yet ever proud, PaPa,

“Father, I can not tell a lie,
-- it was I --
who did chop it with my hatchet.”

A more recent president, now deposed, would likely have replied,
“First let’s define ‘chop’ and what ‘it’ is.”
Yet to be fair, Clinton was not blessed with a father to raise him to be honest and a Man of God as George Washington was blessed.

So in the likeness of George Washington, I can not tell a lie…

I am NOT George Washington !

And the Spirit of George Washington LIVES
in the Hearts and Minds and Souls of all Americans
who take the time to learn of His principles,
woven in the Words of our Constitution to form our Republic…

…written in that “Miracle of Philadelphia” that lies within your grasp, if not yet -- within your heart -- known as
“tHis Constitution FOR the United States of America”.

Notice, NOT first a “Constitution OF” rather rightly it reads “tHis Constitution FOR the United States of America”. Mincing words? Maybe, yet Words have meanings. “Of” is a word that infers Past or Present tense, whereas “FOR” is a word than may imply Past, Present, or Future; as tHis Constitution was for us in the Past, is for us in the Present, and will be for us in the future, as is said in the Preamble, for our Posterity, meaning for our children, and our children’s children’s children – tHis Constitution FOR the United States of America -- forever and ever, Amen.

We are in a Revolutionary place -- and time – in American and in World History. Botetourt County was formed in 1770 and it extended west to southwest Wisconsin. More Revolutionary War veterans are buried in the graveyard in Fincastle than in any other cemetery in America. You, We, have a rich Revolutionary tradition of Liberty to uphold and honor – and extend.

Also in 1770, a retired colonel of the Virginia Militia, named George Washington, spoke in a village then called Belle Glade on the Ohio River, today in Washington County, Ohio’s first county with its first capital, Marietta, that today is the county seat, named for the French Ally, Queen Marie Antoinette.

Colonel Washington spoke there years before he was elected to be General, President of the Constitutional Convention, or President of the United States, and he said the prophetic words:

“As our country grows, and its population increases, as it will, care must be taken to have each succeeding generation learn the trials and tribulations of those who preceded them. History is an essential study for better government.”

Later in his life of doing his duty to God and His country, George Washington, as you can see with me on the back of your George Washington copy of “this Constitution for the United States of America” said some more prophetic words:

“A primary object… should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a Republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing… than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?”

Before we get too deep in that let me say that as the “father of His country” and where we used to believe and be entertained in America by the notion that “Father Knows Best”, …

…I watched the Reagan Revolution that did much to return our Nation to the way of the Washington Revolution, and the two men are honored together where flights of Liberty take off at the Washington Reagan National Airport.

And so, I learned a thing or two from that great president known as “The Great Communicator”, Ronald Reagan.

Back in time, in 2003, the New Hampshire Legislature voted to rename a mountain in the Presidential Range for Ronald Reagan. I wrote to John McCaslin of The Washington Times to commend this state’s action for as a man with some enlarged vision of History, I say -- and can defend -- that Ronald Reagan is the MOST IMPORTANT man in the WORLD in the past 100 years, even more than FDR and Churchill.

Yet the tallest mountain in the Presidential Range is Mount Washington, for the Man of the Millennium, George Washington, the most important man in the world in the past 1000 years. Again I can defend that vast claim of territory in History.

However, a few years ago, when I traveled to New Hampshire, I saw on the map that there was already a mountain named for Bill Clinton!
Many of you look aghast that such could be the case!

The mountain for Slick Willie is named -- Mount Deception!

We must always be wary of Man-made Mountains of Conceit and Deceit such as Clinton, people who are purely piles of Deception.

And should you think such opinions are limited to the right wing Washington Times, in the Washington Post issue of Sunday, 3 June 2001 in the Convention Notebook article by Steven Ginsberg, the reporter wrote: “…dressed, as usual, in a replica of Washington’s Continental uniform to “plant the seed of the knowledge of George Washington.”

The next line in The Washington Post read,
“That knowledge, according to (name of your speaker tonight), includes Washington’s contributions to the Constitution
and his propensity for prayer.”

That’s a miracle, PRAYER and the CONSTITUTION in the SAME SENTENCE, mind you, in The Washington Post.

Then another miracle in the same article! The last line reads,
“The reincarnation of Washington, who is a Republican,
thinks there is no place for Democrats in America.
The opposition party is the Federalists, he says.”

The miracle is not the “reincarnation of Washington” which is an illusion, the miracle is The Washington Post writing the truth that there is no place in American for the Democrats! Amen anyone?

Indeed, there is no place for Democrats or even Democracy as the Founding Fathers feared a Democracy so they wisely created a Republic, a Constitutional Republic built on Eternal Laws given by God, and so, truly we are One Nation, Under God.

I beg you never say again that America is fighting for Democracy in the world, or in America; rather we are fighting for Liberty to live, and breathe, and have our meaning by way of a Republic.

John Adams once equated Democracy as “mob”-ocracy, where I describe that the mob, or rabble, that can easily be lead, or mislead, like lemmings over the cliff by “rabble rousers”.

His son John Quincy Adams said “There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

The famous Baltimore journalist, H. L. Mencken wrote: “Democracy, too, is a religion. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses.” Hmm. Isn’t the donkey the symbol of the Democrats?

That crazy man, crazy as a fox, who played out in the rain during a thunderstorm, served as Postmaster General, and combining the two I suspect may have something to do with this new Committees of Correspondence innovation called “Electric Mail” or E-Mail for brevity, Franklin added a bit of levity, when he wrote:

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

And the last of the Scot Covenanters, James Renwick, in 1688 said: “Let us be lions in God’s cause, and lambs in our own.”

And Thomas Jefferson, who is usually, and wrongly credited as co-founder of the Democrat Party which has its Jefferson-Jackson Fundraising Dinners. had something to say on Democracy:

“Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.”

What this Constitution creates is a Republican form of government. What is the difference? T-shirts today say “Girls Rule”. That is much like Democracy, that means the demos, the People, Rule, like Autocracy where the autocrats rule. 

In Democracy, the people decide what the law is to be and when to apply the law, old or new. Sounds - oh so good - but beware the siren song that lures the Ship of State onto the rocks of destruction.

Republic comes from Res and Publica. Publica means the public, much the same concept of “demos”, the people, yet there is a nuance of different that suggests better than the rabble. 

However, the key difference is the word Res, from the Latin, related to Rex, meaning “the King”, “Res” is the object of the King. The object of the King is the Law, so Res Publica means the Object of the King for the Public Good, or the Rule of Law to benefit We, the People.

The public, or the people, can not willy-nilly change the law, first comes the Law of the King, and the King is King Jesus. Yet people of all faiths are welcomed to live under the Laws of God that form the foundation of our American Christian Republic.

Washington had the habit of rising before sun rise to pray and read God’s Word, and in my reading of History I have learned to ask
“What is the clearest example of a Democracy at work
in the History of the World?”

Most folks answer the Greek city states, some say other answers.

Yet, the answer is that time when the government official abandoned the Rule of Law, abdicated his duties when he allowed the Rabble Rousers to rouse the rabble of a “democracy” to vote to convict an innocent man, and then put Him to death, by Crucifixion.

Yes fellow Americans, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the clearest example of Democracy at work in the History of the World.

So friends and fellow Americans, let us forever fight for Liberty --and a Constitutional Republic -- but never for Democracy.

And contrary to what most Americans have learned in their History books that Jefferson founded the Democrat Party, in Truth, Jefferson founded the Republican Party.

I will wager a Thomas Jefferson Two Dollar Bill to the first twenty folks who send me a quote of Jefferson where he writes of creating the Democrat Party, or even the Democratic-Republican party.

Remember each of YOU has a duty to uphold under this Constitution. Turn with me to the top of page 15, Article IV, Section Four. Read with me, 
“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union 
a Republican Form of Government…”

And if you can imagine it, some citizens and a gaggle of judges say, “That is not what that means.” I respond, “Excuse me, you are telling ME, George Washington, president of the Constitutional Convention, what the Constitution means?”

Part of that little story was written up in The Washington Times last November when my able aide and neighbor at Mount Vernon was described as a “master of American history”.

Now some of what I said is fun, some is serious, and some of what I said is just not “P.C.” -- politically correct. Yet when you lead a Revolution, much of what you say or do is not Politically Correct.

May I dare say that King George III did not think my sayings and doings were “Politically Correct”?

Curse “PC”, as what it is -- “Political Corruptness” -- for such thoughts are the way of Tyrants, and contrary to the Spirit of the First Amendment Liberties under this Constitution.
Now while little Jamey Madison is called “the father of the Constitution” and I am happy he gets that accolade; in fact, a more fitting analogy is that George Washington was the Professor of Government, Jamey Madison his very capable Graduate Assistant, and Thomas Jefferson in France served as Research Librarian.

The creator of the American Dictionary and known as America’s Educator, Noah Webster, once applied to be the personal secretary to Washington and the tutor to Martha’s grandchildren at Mount Vernon. Webster was NOT selected, Tobias Lear was. Yet in 1828, Webster wrote this about the man who rejected him:

“Literary power and statesmanship 
were combined in George Washington, 
the greatest political leader of his time and also 
the greatest intellectual and moral force 
of the Revolutionary period... 
Few people realize … his principles of government
have had more influence
on the development
of the American commonwealth 
than those of any other man.”

This Constitution you hold in your hands is the doctoral dissertation, and yes, truly is a Divine creation of God, weaving His ways in the words written by the hands and minds of the men He created and He collected at that Divine time and place in History, where He created the “Miracle in Philadelphia”.

This Constitution for the United States of America has been copied in whole or in part by some 175 of over 200 nations in the world, and that is an impact that covers Continents and Centuries, and ongoing impact that transcends Space and Time.

On 14 May a.d. 1787, I, General Washington, having just been elected unanimously as the President of the Constitutional Convention, having two years before convened the Mount Vernon Conference that planted the Seed of Liberty that sprouted the next year in Annapolis, and came to full flower with the Miracle in Philadelphia where I began the proceedings with the words:

“If to please the people, 
we offer what we ourselves disapprove, 
how can we afterward defend our work? 
Let us raise a standard 
to which the wise and honest can repair; 
the event is in the Hand of God!”

GW continued on to say,
My wish is the Convention may adopt 
no temporizing expedients,
but probe the defects of the Constitution 
to the bottom, and provide a radical cure… 
a conduct of this kind will stamp wisdom 
and dignity on the proceedings.

Yet eleven years before, in the Year of Our Lord 1776, also in May, on the 31st, I wrote to my younger brother John Augustine, whose son Bushrod Washington was appointed by John Adams to the United States supreme Court in a.d. 1798. I wrote:
“To form a new government requires
infinite care and unbounded attention.
If the foundation is badly laid, 
the superstructure must be bad.”

Yet we forget that we took fully eleven years from 1776 to 1787 to move from a War for Liberty to a War of Ideas whose Victory is this Constitution, to another eight years with Washington as president, four with Adams, and then the election of Jefferson with the transfer of power to the Republican Party before we truly demonstrated that we had successfully formed a Republic.

And we are now engaged in a noble cause, the work of transforming the world from darkness into Light, the Light of Truth, that is reflected in this Constitution. Yet in this hard work of doing God’s Will of Transforming the World, we do not have the same solid foundation of the Christian faith in all countries.

Terrorists are petty tyrants, and in 1776 a tyrant terrorized New York by attacking with 30,000 men, filled the skies with explosions, filled the harbor with ships. Our backs were up against the Long Island Sound at Brooklyn Heights, and only by God’s Will did we escape with our lives.

The Hessians had been offered a bounty for each head of an American soldier they chopped off. How is that much different from the Hezbollah today? We -- had to fight for eight years to gain our Liberty, and we -- may have to fight for many years to retain our Liberty, not only for America, but for the entire world!

On September 11th, our American forces were defeated in Pennsylvania, at Brandywine in 1777, and Shanksville in 2001, but in both instances saved the Congress from attack. In 2001, the Congress gathered on the steps of the Capitol to sing, in 1777, the Congress paid for 30,000 Bibles to give to the Army as thanks.

What many folks do not realize is that 100 years ago in the Philippines we were fighting the Moslem terrorists in that country. And in 1979 many events occurred in Iran and Afghanistan that set the stage for the current conflicts. As a result, in 1980, my aide, the man close to my heart, recognized the true battle we faced, so resigned from active duty to fight for freedom on a different front, the political wars, as many of you are also doing, and so wrote:

"Battles for freedom are being waged all around the world,
but the most important battles to be won
are for the minds and hearts of Americans.
The arenas of conflict are the airwaves, the meeting halls
and the voting booths of this country, our beloved America.
I can no longer stand idly by and watch
the decline and fall of our country
due to the lack of will of our nation's leaders."

Sadly, some of our nation's leaders today are far too willing to "cut and run", and yet, we who know the Truth, know a far greater Love, that of being willing to give our lives for the life of another, and the life of Liberty of our One Nation Under God.

In the much worn New Testament that because it was kept always in the pocket over his heart, earned him the nickname "Chaplain" when in a.d. 1975 and 1976 serving in Okinawa, in Korea, in the Philippines, and off Vietnam and Cambodia, with the Marines as a Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer as an Army jump school trained Navy Parachutist, are the words of a song written in a.d. 1990 by Suzanne Gaither Jennings, music by Barry Jennings.

A decade ago and more ago, that song was sung it in a church on Washington Street as part of a men's quartet:


What this dying world could use
Is a willing man of God
Who dares to go against the grain
And work without applause

A man who'll raise the shield of faith
Protecting what is pure
Whose love is tough and gentle
A man whose word is sure

God doesn't need an orator
Who knows just what to say
He doesn't need authorities
To Reason Him away

He doesn't need an army
To guarantee a win.
He just needs
A few good men. (Chorus)

Men full of compassion
Who laugh and love and cry
Men who face eternity
And aren't afraid to die

Men who'll fight for freedom
And honor once again
He just needs
A few good men.

He calls the broken derelict
Whose life has been renewed
He calls the one who has the strength
To stand up for the truth

Enlistment lines are open
And He wants you to come in
He just needs a few good men.
He just needs a few good men.
He just needs a few good men.
Yes, all he needs is a few good men. Amen? Amen, and Amen!
(In case some women feel slighted, first read Genesis 1:27.)

One study a decade ago shows over 40 Biblical concepts of Godly government supported by over 100 Bible verses, in just the first paragraph, the Preamble! To see a sample of that study, go to the site www.ConstitutionCollege.US.

The old saying is “You go to college for knowledge, you go to the Bible for wisdom.” Washington never attended college, yet was known as the wisest man of his age, or even of many ages, as his former adversary King George III once noted. Harvard and Yale both awarded Washington Honorary degrees, and wisely William and Mary College asked him to serve as its Chancellor, when Bishop James Madison served as president of the college.
President Washington said, “It is impossible to govern rightly without God and the Bible.” And so both were woven into the words of this Constitution for the United States of America at the creation of which GW served as President of the convention.

Let us never forget, or let us forever remember, this Constitution is one of the most sacred documents in the History of Man.

As a boy GW studied the Greek and Hebrew philosophers, the Roman orators and generals, the Rules of Civility first written by an Italian sonnet poet and archbishop, the historical dramas of William Shakespeare, and Joseph Addison’s historical “morality play” called “Cato”. 

In 1778, as General Washington, he had “Cato” performed for the army at Valley Forge. The tragic hero Cato ultimately failed and committed suicide, yet Washington learned lessons from that failure, and instead as a leader created a victorious army, led the creation of the finest document of statesmanship in the history of mankind, and nurtured our infant nation’s growth as “father of His country” as our President.

Washington is known in modern Madison Avenue marketing terms as
“America’s Original Action Hero”, or
“The Caped Crusader for this Constitution”.
Yet even in his own time, Thomas Paine, author of two essays in 1776 that changed the world, “Common Sense” in January, and “An American Crisis” in December, had a special name for GW.

The first Paine essay led the delegates to vote for the Declaration of Independence; the second motivated the starving, ill equipped, even bloodied, barefoot soldiers on Christmas night to cross a frozen river to make a bayonet charge on the Hessian Garrison at Trenton that revived the dying hopes of this infant nation.

Paine wrote a prayer poem, and called Washington the “World’s Apostle of Liberty”, not of democracy, of Liberty!

Let each of us be the Spirit of George Washington, let each of us be an Apostle of Liberty to the World, beginning with our child, or our parent, with our neighbor or our kin, with our teacher or our preacher, even our enemy to guide him to be our friend.

Yet let us look back in time to the beginning of this Revolution, when the Men of Fincastle and many towns like it gave their lives for Liberty, for YOUR Liberty, in reality for the concept of Christian Liberty that is the bedrock of our Nation’s birthright.

Modern day Apostle of Liberty Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has said the dramatic shift in values is a result of the removal of God from the public square, a concept foreign to those left of political center.

Solzhenitsyn says: If I were called to identify briefly the principal trait of the entire twentieth century… I would be unable to find anything more precise and pithy than to repeat once again: “Men have forgotten God.” The failings of human consciousness, deprived of its divine dimension, have been a determining factor in all of the major crimes of our present century.

In one of the most profound images I have ever seen, two young Russian artists who had immigrated to New York after the fall of the Iron Curtain made a painting honoring America in the form of George Washington the Weight-Lifter, doing the “Heavy Lifting for the World”.

GW was lifting two dumb-bells, one was the head of Stalin, the other the head of Hitler!

What a profound understanding these Russians have of America, an understanding that most American youth and even now most adults have not been taught in our modern schools!
Yet Solzhenitsyn alludes to the “major crimes of our present century” written in the last century, and the two Russian artists show Stalin and Hitler as the criminals. As bad as it was, Hitler’s holocaust did not approach the size of the carnage of Stalin in his Pogroms, but both barbarians were committing acts of Genocide.

But before we become too smug in our own self-righteousness, know too that we have Barbarians in Black Robes, judges who order “Death by Dehydration” of Mrs. Terri Schiavo, and others.

Barbarians in Black Robes who condone murder by millions of mothers in the world’s second largest genocide - the killing of children living in the womb, a place that in God’s eyes is a refuge of safety where the miracle of the Life of Mankind, of Posterity as described in this Constitution, is created by a Trinity, of mother on earth, father on earth, and Our Father who art in Heaven.

On the day before the birth certificate of our infant nation, the Declaration of Independence, was signed by the Founding Fathers, 3 July in the Year of Our Lord 1776, General Washington wrote:

“The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the conduct and courage of this Army…”

Such Barbarians in Black Robes, who represent darkness over Light in America, have no “right” to continuation on the bench.

Our Constitution in Article III, Section 1 reads,
“The Judges, both of the supreme and the inferior Courts, 
shall hold their offices during good behavior…”

Thomas Jefferson said it best when he wrote:
“Judges whose erroneous biases are leading us to dissolution 
should be removed from the bench. 
It may, indeed, injure them 
in fame or fortune, 
but it saves the Republic."

In 1820, Jefferson wrote,
“The Judiciary of the United States 
is a subtle corps of sappers and miners 
constantly working under ground 
to undermine the foundations 
of our confederated fabric.”

In 1821, Jefferson also wrote,
“…the Federal Judiciary; an irresponsible body 
(for impeachment is scarcely a scarecrow), 
working like gravity by night and by day, 
gaining a little to-day and a little to-morrow, 
and advancing its noiseless step like a thief…”

“We, the People” must follow the “Yellow Brick Road” of our God-given Constitution and make the “scarcely a scarecrow” Impeachment action Jefferson lamented into a being a tool that “scares straight” judges contemplating “bad behavior”.

How? By adding a brain, adding to our brain knowledge of this Constitution and its provisions for the proper use of the power of Impeachment. By adding a heart, a heart for Equal Justice for all, including on judges. And adding a soul, a compassion for the least of these, who as yet have no voice to cry out for the Right to Live.

“Born Fighting”, how about he fights for the Right to be Born?

“The opinion which gives to the judges 
the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, 
not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, 
but for the legislative and executive also in their spheres, 
would make the judiciary a despotic branch.”

In America today, we have a Judicial Tyranny, the judiciary is now “a despotic branch”.

By our Bill of Rights, is the First Amendment Right of “right of the people”… “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” “We, the People” have the right, yes even the duty for our children and our children’s children’s children, to our “posterity”, to Petition the Congress to initiate a Bill of Impeachment against any errant federal judge. An Impeachment is parallel to an Indictment, the one charged must have a fair trial and be convicted, before the “punishment” of removal is effected.

Since the founding of our Republic, there have been 17 impeachments, with Johnson and Clinton the most well known. Yet 11 judges have been impeached, 7 convicted and removed, one resigned rather than face trial in the Senate. That is a 63 or 72 per cent success rate in Judicial Impeachments.

Abraham Lincoln once said,
“The people are the masters of both Congress and courts, 
not to overthrow the Constitution, 
but to overthrow the men who pervert it.”

So both Jefferson and Lincoln, both Republicans, say that men who pervert the Constitution, such as too many of the judiciary of America today, jaundiced by ego and self-pride must be “overthrown” -- as Lincoln writes, or as Jefferson writes -- must be “withdrawn from the bench”, as the Constitution provides --- must be IMPEACHED.

Remember that a third member of the four on Mount Rushmore, Theodore Roosevelt when he was 13 years old watched a Presbyterian pastor named Charles Parkhurst rally the people to “vote out the bums” in the executive and legislative branches of the local government, and the newly elected servants of the people brought charges and impeachment actions against many corrupt local judges.

These “bad behavior” judges were tried, convicted, removed from the bench, and many sent to jail where rightly they belonged.

Nine years later, Teddy returned from Harvard College, planning to attend law school at Columbia University. However, as God Wills, at age 22, Teddy was drafted by the local Republican Party to run for the State Assembly, and he won. Once in the capital of Albany, young Roosevelt led the charge to Impeach the Chief Justice of the New York Supreme Court, and succeeded!

Republicans have defended this Constitution by victories in the legislative and executive branches. Now is the time for victory over Black Robed Barbarians, using the power of the Constitution.

Where is the legislator and patriot, like Teddy Roosevelt, later President, who has the courage to go against the odds to clean out the corruption of the courts on the local, state or federal levels?

Where today is a great patriot and pastor like Rev. Charles Parkhurst who rallies the people to demand righteous judges?

Preachers rightly tell us to read our Bible’s daily, or often, at the least; yet how many tell us to read the “Bible” of our Republic?

Have YOU read this Constitution, daily? Or weekly? Or Monthly? Or once ever in your lifetime, like a boldly brewed expresso, have you sipped and savored each and every word as an expression of God’s Will blended into the flavor of our Constitutional Republic?

Protect for Posterity, for your children and children’s children’s children, this Gift of God, this Constitution for the United States of America! In so protecting and preserving God’s gifts and children, both here and around the world, Americans bless God, and so truly-- God will bless America!

Make no mistake, the American Revolution continues through YOU, and the Revolution is renewed by YOU. Exercise the Constitutional Duty of Impeachment of Barbarians in Black Robes.

Stand tall, march forth smartly, learn and share this Constitution!

In the back, buy a bundle to enlist new soldiers in the Army for this Constitution for the United States of America.

Now let us all rise and bless God by singing God bless America…
God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night, with the light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, God bless America, my home sweet home.

God bless you, your families, and America. Good Night.

{5143 words, 18 pages at 16 point font size, compiled by J. R. “Words” Manship, sometimes called “The Spirit of George Washington LIVES!, as led by the Lord, on this 231st Navy Birthday, Friday, the 13th of October in the Year of Our Lord Jesus, the 2006th. 8th Revision, new and reused content.}

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