Monday, March 03, 2014

America was blessed by God with the "Miracle in Philadelphia" - this Constitution for the United States of America

There are many "hidden" aspects of this Constitution that most law school and college "professors of Constitutional Law" simply overlook, or feel with our "modern society" are unnecessary to the proper functioning, or health of the "body politic", this our Constitutional Republic; much like some doctors say the appendix is unnecessary for the health of the human body in the modern world, yet the appendix was placed by our Creator in the body for a reason.  

Over the course of time with posts at this site, insights to the intricate workings of this Constitution will be shared.  In God We Trust, and we trust that GW - God's Word and wise ways woven in the fabric of our Nation, woven into the body of this Constitution, will be a "Revelation" to those who read the posts.